Thursday, 10 May 2012


If you have visited this Blog before then you may well have noticed some changes lately. Mostly these have been cosmetic but there are some new features that I would like to explain.

Firstly and most importantly you may have seen the download tab in the top right hand collum.

Clicking on it will lead you to a stand alone page with several useful items available for download. The first item is a simple photo background. 

It seems I am forever cursed to take bad photos! In my seemingly never ending quest for the perfect image I have created the above photo background. These are the sort of thing that Games workshop uses when they take photos of their models. They are quite easy to create on Microsoft word but are a bit more difficult for us Mac users to obtain!

There is also a new Label feature to the right which should help everyone find what they are looking for.

As this blog grows I am going to add more tabs including a tutorial one which leads us nicely onto...

GOLD TUTORIAL UPDATE: Im sorry guys, I tried to make one but the heads I am painting are just too small for my iPhone. All is not lost however! I have a Venerable Dreadnought due to be painted up over the next couple of months which will feature the same gold recipe. Hopefully by the time I come to do it I will have mastered my Nikon camera and Ill be able to do a proper tutorial.

Thank you for reading guys and as always your feed back is appreciated so please let me know what you think!

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