Sunday, 19 August 2012


So I'm suffering from a bit of painters block at the moment and decided yesterday to display all my models out in front of me to try and kick start my imagination. Whilst doing this it occurred to me that I didn't have a good photo of any of my rank and file Dark Wardens on my blog. With this in mind I printed off a photo background and got a few snaps with my iphone (no Camera at the moment and still haven't got those desk lamps but here goes anyways...).

These guys were painted over two years ago now (I'm a slow painter!) and as I constantly stare at them I see things I could have done better but I think that there still fairly good for me at least. With the rumours of a new tactical squad getting released next year it made me wonder what to do with my armies current squads, Should I replace them or start a new army? I think that if there different enough I might just paint another company of Dark Wardens and leave these guys as be but time will tell.

LORD COMMANDER UPDATE: Work hasn't progressed as well on him as I like due to my inability to get the mould right. I'm going to find a more accurate way of measuring them before I give it another go. 

Hopefully I'll regain my painting bug soon and I have some progress on the army  to show guys. As always thanks for reading.

Until next time!

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