Monday, 5 March 2012


I was able to get more work done this week than I had been expecting. I had two different Bitz orders arrive meaning I could finish the Land Raider (which will be getting its own post in the coming weeks) and also finish making my Honor Guard unit which will be played using the Wolf Guard rules.

I haven't got a name for the unit yet though the fluff is that each marine represents one of the eight companies and act as an envoy and champion for their respective Captains as well as a bodyguard.

They all wear a highly modified suit of MKIII armour and each wield a Storm Bolter and Power Weapon (or Relic Blade depending on points) with the exception of one who has a combi-flamer. One will also carry the Chapter Standard. I plan on painting most of their armour gold which should make them look suitably regal.

I'm also starting to get the hang of my camera and only need to sort out some 'shiny' issues when I take photos of my models. I would appreciate any advice if any of you guys know how to fix the problem as I really want to get some high quality pictures of the rest of army.

Thanks for reading everyone, until next time!


  1. Hi snake, these look great. I'm reading the Horus heresy novels at the moment and it's interesting to see the 'evolution' of the armour as it were. I know a little about photography so let me know if I can assist.

  2. Thanks! I intend to get some photos later on this month. Hopefully they will be able to illustrate the problems better than I can explain with words.


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