Thursday, 29 March 2012


Well I'm interrupting our usual schedule to bring you pictures of a supposed Storm Eagle by Forge World.

Awesome right? or is it? Some people have already pointed out that this comes suspiciously near to april 1st and we all know how games workshop love their april fools pranks (I'm sure we have all had a giggle at how to roll Citadel Dice!). That being said it is also possible that this is a real kit! I have to say that at the least it is a very high quality fake. What do you guys think?


I feel the need to apologize for the lack of Land Raider pictures. The truth is is that I've been rushed of my feet lately as I'm having to attend several weeks of courses in order to be trained for a new job (This and the fact that I'll probably have to find a new home soon are also the reason for my gloomy february post which again I need to apologies for!). However I have a course and work free slot coming up in just over a weeks time where Im hoping to give you guys a proper post.

As always thanks for reading!


  1. Now that you mentioned it ... I wonder what GamesWorkshop's April Fool joke will be about. As long it's not a Star Trek temporal anomaly plotline where the Emperor and Horus lives. I was not amused when Vulcan was destroyed in the latest movie. Oops! Sorry for all this geeky Trekkie stuff. heh heh

  2. 'A Star Trek temporal anomaly plotline where the Emperor and Horus lives'? sounds like a Michael Bay film to me!

  3. UPDATE: Looks like it's official guys, just received a newsletter from Forge World featuring it.


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