Wednesday, 11 April 2012


So heres a quick update on the Honour Guard unit.

I haven't applied the Gold very neatly in this ruff and ready picture so the black areas are gonna need a repaint but you can get the idea of the overall color scheme of these models.

The marine to the far left has had all the highlights applied whereas the rest have only had the first highlights done. I tryd applying the gold in several thin layers to get a better effect with mixed results ( the last two were better than the first two). I'm painting the heads separately and I think that ill take some photos of each individual step and make a tutorial on how its done.

So what do you think? As always your comments are appreciated!


  1. I really like the gold. Lots of variation in shadows and highlights on it. And it pops against the black too. They should be gorgeous once finished.

    Ron, FTW

  2. Looking forward to the tutorial. Already loving the shadows on the armour.

  3. Thank you for your comments guys! should hopefully have them finished in a week or two and I should have the tutorial up around that time aswell.

  4. Very nice man. The marine that u've highlighted really looks nice. Nice highlighting work there. Your choice of gold is gonna work. can't wait to see the finished model :)

    1. Thanks Khairul! He was the first 'test' mini and since him I've painted the rest of the gold on the others and I personally think they look better. Hopefully I will have updated pics up of them soon!


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