Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Well todays post was going to be a general update post. I'd got some snaps with my Nikon of my entire army as it stands but due to a shadow in the warp I've been unable to transfer them over to my laptop. So instead I grabbed my trusty I-phone and got a snap of my Land Raider.

This is the first finished picture I have of this beast (once I have the funds for some more desk lamps I'll post some proper pictures of it). Unfortunately I had a problem. The side sponson had fallen off several times, no matter how much glue I used. I was also trying to avoid adding glue to the very edge of the sponson as I did not want to get any on what I had painted so far. Enter the Brown Stuff!

This is a modeling putty very similar to Green stuff (albeit with a slightly funnier name). Just like Green stuff it can be sculpted to create detail or entire models. Brown Stuff dries harder than Green Stuff and sculptors will often use it to sculpt hard edges such as armour plating ect. and reserve Green stuff for organic things like fur and skin. The two can even be mixed together. However many people often overlook the fact that modeling putty can be used as an adhesive.

Granted, it uses are limited but if you are struggling with a large surface area where the the parts are not quite close enough together then you may well want to consider it. I wouldn't use it on smaller models with the exception of pinning where again it it useful if the pin is preventing the model from fitting together properly.

The bond on my Land Raider is now rock solid and much stronger than the glue I was using. You can use Green Stuff to do the same thing but Brown Stuff is probably slightly better and I went with it as I have both! I bought all of my sculpting gear from Heresy Miniatures a couple of years ago.

I hope people find this post useful. As soon as funds are available I'll being buying more desk lamps and this will hopefully mean alot more posts!

Until next time!


  1. Nice tip, I have a land raider coming up, I'll have to remember this. Thanks!

    1. Thanks! Let us know how your Raider goes.


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