Monday, 25 June 2012


No updates today, just something I've been pondering after reading the What's New Today blog over at Games Workshop.

So the post talks about the new allies rules and Flyers and notes that you can now take the Storm Talon as a unit in your Dark Angels, Space Wolves and Black Templars army using the allies rule. This is nice and all but made me think about the implications on counts as armies.

NOTE: Now before I go any further I should point out that I've not played a game of 40K in a good few years. However I've still used the Space Wolves army list with my Dark Wardens as I feel that they are closer in character to them than the other codex's available.

The Allies rule will allow me to take units unique to one Space Marine army and use them with another Chapters codex. This means that a Dark Angels army can now legally take squads of Grey Hunters using the new rules, or a Black Templar army can take a pack of Fenrisian Wolves ect.

But what if I collected a Blood Angels army and included a squad of Grey Hunters but instead of painting them up as Space Wolves I painted them red instead? I am a Painter and collector before I'm a gamer so I can see how in friendly games I may well be able to use different units from different codex's to create an army more reflective of the fluff for a DIY chapter but in more serious games will it really be fair to use the allies rules to make one Space Marine army?

I can see how on the one these rules will help me create a fluffy Space Marine army but is it really fair from a gamers perspective? I'm not bashing the new rules at all, I think there awesome! but will using the allies rules with counts as be a step to far?

Anyways, normal updates will resume soon. Hope everyone is having fun with the new 40K and as always thanks for reading!

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  1. It's really all about clarity. If your Red Grey Hunters look like your Red Tactical Marines, it will cause issues. If you make them distinct, I don't think anyone will mind.


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