Sunday, 28 October 2012


The blogs been quiet of late and with good reason. What with all the new Horus Heresy releases and rumors of new space marine releases coming along soon, I've decided to start redoing my Dark Wardens army. The majority of it is now finished, however I did start it over two years ago now and the longer I stare at it all the more and more things I spot that I think I could have done better.

Which brings me nicely onto my next mock up picture...

Here is a mock up of the first of a squad of Tartaros Terminators I recently received as a gift for my birthday. I'm going to step my painting up a notch with these guys and the next purchase I'll be making is a proper airbrush and some of the new GW paints aswel as some weathering powders from forge world. The construction of these guys is going slowly at the minute as I await some custom pieces I've ordered (more on that next time!).

I still haven't decided the exact load out for these guys yet. I know I am going to have five of them ride around in a Storm Eagle with a Ragnar Blackmane 'counts as' but I need your help in deciding the best/killiest/fun loadout for them. If anyone has any thoughts could you please leave me a comment as I'm not much of a gamer and need all the help I can get!

Whilst on the topic of Forge World, has anyone else caught the Horus Heresy bug of late?...

This is the other Wargaming related gift I received and I must say that this is indeed a fantastic book! Is it just me or can Forge World do no wrong at the moment? After furiously reading through the book I've been fighting of the temptation to start a Death Guard Force! I really cant wait for the next book in the series and all of the new resin crack that will surely follow in its wake!

Anywho please drop me a comment if you have an idea for the terminator Wolf Guard loadout. until next time! 


  1. I caught the heresy bug bad! It is such an awesome book, and allows us to play loyalists from the traitor legions. How cool is that!

  2. That's looks like its a real sweet book. Damn my pitiful hobby budget! =)


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