Tuesday, 4 December 2012


So since my last post real life has gone and given me a real running kick to the quads! Progress has been torturously slow as I haven't been at home much, let alone had time to work on my hobby and thus I've constructed a grand total of two Terminators since my last post!

Progress has also been hampered as the kit itself is a pain to assemble! The shoulder pads come in two parts and its hard to get them to fit to the arms properly whilst its hard to get the waist attached to the legs correctly and I had to use Brown stuff to get a good enough bond.

There has also been alot of air bubble to fill in with the models aswell and I've noticed that when washing the kits with water that more tend to appear.

Aside from the problems with assembly I have to say that the models themselves are drop dead gorgeous! They are still bulky enough to be easily recognisable as terminators yet they have a much more human silhouette to them.

I had hoped to have these models done by christmas but that is now looking very unlikely. I'm gonna wait to get an airbrush before I paint these guys so am gonna use all my spare time to get the models assembled and ready to paint by the 25th.

Wish me luck!


  1. Luck and many Positive Waves wished mate.

    Take heart, it's more than I've achieved in the past month! Things will pick up I'm sure, look forward to more Dark Warden goodness soon.

    1. Thanks mate! Comments like these really do help me stay motivated!


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