Sunday, 28 April 2013


Hey all! I had to stop work on my Tartaros Terminators after having problems with the new metallic Games Workshop paints (a problem I still havent resolved!). However with a few hours of spare time over the last few days and a mad urge to do some painting  I did manage to get some more work done on one of the Terminators!

Being an easily distracted person I couldn't help but skip between stages, hence the reason why the armour on the legs has been completed whilst the metal areas on the arms are yet to be tidied up.

Small posts like this genrally get me motivated to paint so hopefully there will be more updates soon!

until then!


  1. I am also having problems with the new Citadel metallic paints ... they keep drying up on me. Does that happen to you too?

    1. Hi mate, and yeah kinda.

      None of the paints were right from the start as the paint in the pots had separated with one part having dried and the other being very runny. I had a similar problem with the old paints but they could be saved by adding a drop of water and remixing them whereas with the new paints this only seemed to make the problem worse. The Necron compound drybrush paint had dried out but it looked as if it hadn't been mixed properly in the first place either. It's hard to describe but resembled a sort of mush.

      I did send Games Workshop an email awhile back but never heard from them.


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