Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Just a quick post today to show that I'm still here! With such little free time I've been unable to resolve the camera issues so for now its gonna mean that I'll be using my iPhone to take pictures.

Here is the Space Marne Statue from the honoured Imperium box set. I painted it following the sandstone recipe off of the Games Workshop website here. The recipe is not the same as the sandstone ruins in the studios collection but is still gives a pretty good effect. I think that if you ever get bored of loads of fine detailing work like I sometimes do then all the messy drybrushing work involved in painting a piece of scenery like this is a really good way of breaking the work up.


  1. Like what you've done, these figures are great, here's my copper interpretation

  2. Thanks dwez. I remember coming across yours when I was researching how I was going to paint mine and very nearly chose to do something similar!


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