Monday, 24 December 2012


Well, I did it! the last Terminator is done and now the whole squad is waiting for paint.

...and a group shot.

Overall the assembly was harder than what I was expecting. I've worked with Forge World before but some of the casting on these guys were alot worse than anything I've built from them before and I'm still gonna have to touch some areas up with modeling putty. However the look of the final unit far outweighs the trouble I had building them. I absolutely love the design of the miniatures and I'm trying to find an excuse to add more to my new army.

My next purchase will be an airbrush just after Christmas. I want to take my painting up a notch with these guys and hope I can do this amazing kit justice.

But for now let me finnish by thanking all my followers and readers for the support they have shown me and the blog over the last year, your all awesome and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


  1. Hey Snake, have you decided which legion you're gonna paint? Looking forward to seeing your painting progress on these guys. And dude, an airbrush really helps. I can't survive without one. But then again others have painted masterclass level without using one ;)

    Seasons greetings :)

    1. Thanks khairul. I'm gonna be painting them up as part of my DIY chapter so they'll be predominantly black. I've now got the airbrush on order, cant wait to try it out!


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